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We know smart tech!

Don’t listen to us. Our record speaks for itself!
LockSmart Central is another smart innovation of the Dog & Bone Group of Companies. Made up of industrial designers, manufacturers and business heads, our team has decades of experience and oodles of punch in creating smart consumer tech of the future. Thousands of media reports, awards and reviews attest to our smart creations.


Remember when...

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If we were to name drop…

With distribution partners spanning more than 50 countries, our innovations have made it on the shelf within some of the biggest name retailers you can think of. Walmart, Best Buy, Big W, Bunnings, Verizon, Optus and Telstra are just a few we would mention, if we were to drop a few names!

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Unlocking a keyless future…

Keys are the past. Keyless entry and online access management with more tracking, more features and more security, is the future. That’s why we have invested countless hours over many years pulling our resources and ‘smarts’ together to develop an intuitive, and user friendly Bluetooth access control system. LockSmart Central’s integrated Bluetooth access control system, is a giant jump forward into that smart keyless future. We hope you’ll join us there!