LockSmart Garage

Remote-free garage entry

No more garage remote! Your mobile device² is the ‘remote’. Share and track access with others remotely, and remove access with the press of a button.

Open and close your garage door with your mobile device². Your mobile is the ‘remote’.

Share access instantly and remotely via virtual ‘key’.

Receive alerts in real time when shared users open or close your garage door.

Compatible with: The majority of automatic door openers post 1993 including Chamberlain, B&D, Steel-Line and BMD. Click here for the list of tested garage doors.

Dimensions: 53mm (H) x 53mm (W) x 24mm (D)

Weight: 150g

Colour: Black

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0

Unlock range: 15m

Power: 5 volts via USB plug pack

Included: Control board and USB plug pack

Security: Random code and 32-bit key encryption

Installation instructions

  1. Find the connection point for the manual button.
  2. Open your existing garage door controller box. Wire the fly lead to the connection points for the manual button.
  3. Connect a USB power cable to USB power adaptor (not supplied) and garage opener.
  4. Connect LockSmart Garage to USB cable and secure to garage opener housing.
  5. Reassemble garage opener.
  6. Load the LockSmart app on your mobile device and select ‘Add lock’.