LockSmart Travel

LockSmart Travel

A patented-first, TSA-accepted, keyless and trackable travel security. Open, share ‘virtual keys’ and track – no more keys!²  Track your luggage when in Bluetooth range, or try crowd sourcing it. Perfectly sized for your luggage, backpacks and travel bags. LockSmart Travel bestows more security, and sharing and tracking features like none before with the humble key or combination lock.

Secure, manage and open– no more keys or combinations! All you need is your phone².

Share ‘virtual’ keys instantly. Define access – unlimited, limited, scheduled or single unlock.

Track who has opened your lock and when.

Track your luggage when in Bluetooth range, or try crowdsourcing it through the LockSmart Travel community.

Low battery alerts.

Weather resistant.

TSA accepted.

Centrally manage all your LockSmart, LockSmart Mini and LockSmart Travel locks within the one app.

No keys to lose nor end up in the wrong hands. Secure 128-bit advanced encryption – the highest Bluetooth security standard, plus 256-bit cloud generated private key for added security.

Suitable for travel bags and suitcases.

Dimensions: 67.6mm (H) x 38mm (W) x 11.2mm (D)
Shackle width: 16.6mm, 3.2mm thick

Weight: 62g

Dog & Bone ships smart lock package  |  TWICE CES Daily

Review: Keyless luggage padlock  |  Apple World

“We can officially add luggage locks to the list of things we kind of never expected to get smart versions”
Cult of Android


“This one is called the “LockSmart Travel”, and it’s basically what the name suggests: a pint-sized travel edition of the Dog & Bone LockSmart lock, attachable to a piece of luggage and unlocked using a smartphone app”


“Case and lock maker Dog & Bone is bringing out a keyless, TSA-approved, Bluetooth travel padlock that’s designed to keep unwanted people from getting their dirty hands on your stuff”
Cult of Mac


“Losing the tiny keys to your suitcase lock can make for a poor start to a excellent holiday. This creation from Brisbane-based Dog & Bone solves the issue by allowing holiday-makers to unlock their case with the Bluetooth connection in their phone”


“Dog & Bone are taking a different approach to luggage padlocks with the LockSmart Travel. Instead of using a key, this Bluetooth-connected padlock is controlled by an iOS or Android app”


“Dog & Bone LockSmart Travel is a smart padlock that is lockable/unlockable with a smartphone. It is secure, but more importantly, very convenient to use”
Craving Tech


“While LockSmart Travel is keyless for the end-user, it is TSA approved. As such, customs officials are able to open it without the need for the companion app or authorisation from the lock’s owner”


“Finally, no more need for those fiddly little keys – or frustrating lock combinations you forget at the most inconvenient moments”
Australian Financial Review