Smart Access


Take the keyless plunge!

When it comes to access for our home or business, we want control. We want convenience.
We want security. And we don’t want to carry keys! A new smarter future has arrived with
LockSmart Central’s Smart Access!

Why we love it!

No more physical keys!
Your mobile device is your Bluetooth access ‘key’. Unlock with Bluetooth, pin code, RFID, or Wi-Fi.

Manage in the one place.
Access to one or many properties from anywhere in the world, via your mobile device, laptop or desktop.

Share and remove virtual keys.
Share access instantly and remotely from anywhere in the world.

Track the who, when and where of access to your properties including date and time stamps.

Auto unlock convenience.
Hands full with a bag of groceries? Or overloaded with work files headed into the office? Keep your mobile device in your bag or pocket. Door can auto unlock upon approach.

No physical keys to end up in the wrong hands and threaten belongings, an anti-break-in and security function, and random code security. A new security code is generated every time your virtual ‘key’ unlocks your door for security you can trust.

Integrated convenience.
From the garage door and gate to the front door, manage multiple LockSmart Bluetooth products centrally within the one app.

Back-up physical key.
Your back-up for added peace of mind.

Save time and dollars.
No cutting keys, sharing keys manually and re-cutting lost keys.

Is it for you?

It’s the journey that matters

Whether 8 or 78, the LockSmart Central’s Smart Access is intuitive and easy to use. Follow the prompts and unlock, share and track with the click of a button. Don’t just listen to us. Read the reviews.

Many of the most influential tech reviewers in the world of the likes of Network World, CNN and Apple World Today have commended the LockSmart app.

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We don’t just build the engine…

We are the complete package! From the software to the hardware, it is all US! Because we manufacture and control both, you can trust the hardware and software are in sync, and updates are seamless.


This is integrated convenience

We are much more than a keyless Bluetooth door lock. The LockSmart Central’s Smart Access is an integrated access solution. From the garage door, to the front door, to the padlock on the gate, all can be managed harmoniously together in the same application. Check out our hardware range:

Get started! Install for FREE!¹

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$0 hardware upfront | $0 INSTALLATION¹

AUD$15.95 p/month¹ includes the Abode Bluetooth door lock, Wi-Fi Bridge, ap and web portal service including software updates.